MobiTV is the new way to get TV on your cell phone, and they offer service in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and the UK.  Ars Technica tried out the service on Cingular, and found 43 channels to watch while on the go.  As you might expect, changing channels takes a bit of waiting, as it has to find that signal, but there was some onerous waiting times for Ars when they were simply watching a program.  Get more info on the service in the full article.
“Fans of portable TV have many more choices today. You can buy episodes of your favorite television show on iTunes and watch them on your iPod, or cap shows on your PC and move them to a portable video player of your choice. If you’ve got one of over 30 different cell phones and service with just about any US cellular provider other than Verizon, there’s another option: MobiTV.”

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