Join Ars Technica in taking a look at spam, phishing, botnets and more.  They briefly look back at the trends that we have seen in the wonderful world of identity theft and scams, and examine the new trends we are seeing currently.  Viruses now mutate, so no matter how long the list of definitions is, anti-virus software is becoming obsolete.  The popularity of social networking programs gives new weapons to the hordes of zombie computers out there, which they are using in unexpected ways.
“Just how big a business has writing malware become? One person who is in a position to know is Paul Wood, who has been working for the Internet security firm MessageLabs for the past five years. His company provides e-mail, web, and instant messaging filtering solutions for ISPs and businesses and has developed sophisticated monitoring software that provides a front-lines look at malware in all its forms. MessageLabs recently updated its reporting on the current state of malicious software, and I had a chance to talk to Paul at length about what it all meant.”

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