There is a standalone expansion to The Guild 2, allowing you to start your own pirate empire.  The Guild series is a very complex strategy game, requiring you to build business to make you money, and to cause the economy of that town to flourish, so that you can make even more money and expand.  It’s also important to get a family started, to help you run your businesses and to make sure your dynasty flourishes.  Not for those who flinch at the word micro-management, it offers great rewards to those who love to build empires, or to pillage them, so read on at Strategy Informer.
“For any who has played The Guild 2 you’ll be right at home with some great new features lying ahead. For those fresh faced new comers you needn’t worry, for the tutorials enough to get you boot strapped for family life. One thing already trumps for this expansion is that it’s a stand alone installation so you don’t need to have the original game. The main feature added is of course piracy! No not bootlegging ye-old DVDs out the back of your dodgy looking cart, but with flags, swashbucklers and parrots.”

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