Danger Den has released something that was once found only in their test labs.  Hardware Canucks have posted a review of Danger Den’s Torture Rack, which is a fully acrylic case designed for fast access to components, much like a test bench.  The large interior also allows you to fit just about any combo of heatsinks  and video cards, which can be very handy as both are growing very quickly.  Read on to see what other tricks this case will let you perform.
“For the happy sadist in all of us, Danger Den has squeezed out the Torture Rack Fast-Access Water/Air Cooling Case. Originally a case conceptualized for their own nefarious machinations, they have unleashed it on a rather suspecting world- since it is not yet on display at Mme Tussaud’s, Hardware Canucks has served it up for you with some Chianti and fava beans.”

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