DangerDen and Swiftech offer updated VGA cooler designs to fit the new 8800 series, and MADSHRIMPS is on a a quest to see if using them is worth it.  DangerDen offers an all new NV-88GTS-PC, while Swiftech choose to provide a mounting adapter for their MCW-60.  While they do not foray into overclocking, you can clearly see the temperatures offered from these 2 coolers compared against air cooling solutions, which will give you an idea just how much further these cooler will allow you to go.
“In this article we take an in-depth look at the advanced cooling options available for the Geforce 8800 series. Both Danger Den and Swiftech have water blocks designed to fit the latest NVIDIA high end cards, so we take them for a test ride, comparing performance at different pump speeds, SLI compatibility and see how they do compared to high end air cooling solutions. Read on to find out if water cooling a G80 based VGA card is worth it.”

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