ExtremeTech has throughly investigated factory overclocked cards in this eVGA review.  They grabbed a default speed 8800 GTX card, a 8800 GTX they overclocked themselves, an 8800 Ultra at default speeds and one they overclocked, and finally a hard to find 8800 Ultra Superclocked, all from eVGA.  Find out if having the card overclocked right out of the box is worth the extra money.
“Meanwhile, it’s become fashionable for card makers, without many options to go outside of Nvidia’s or ATI’s reference specification, to release factory overclocked cards. They charge a premium for cranking up the various clock frequencies, something you can do yourself with utilities provided by Nvidia and ATI themselves. Are pre-overclocked cards worth more money than standard versions?

With a trio of GeForce 8800 cards from EVGA, we’re trying to answer those questions. Read along while we performance test and benchmark these cards to find out what to do with your high-end graphics card money.”

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