This may not be the year in which the UMPC catches on as a mainstream consumer product, but it is certainly a year that has seen these ultra mobile platforms make huge leaps forward.  It was the main focus of this years VIA Tech Forum, which VIA Arena participated in.  They have posted a video of the keynote speech, as well as embedding slides from other presentations, all about the new NanoBook.  This will be VIA’s reference design for all UMPCs in the next while and will influence most of their mobile products.
“Last week at the VIA Technology Forum (VTF) in Taipei, VIA launched a new reference design for UMPCs. It features a clamshell design with a full keyboard and seven inch screen. This is a video of the section of the VTF keynote when the NanoBook was explained. It also includes slides from a VIA presentation about the NanoBook.”

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