XYZ has compiled a list of 9 notebooks, each of which they rate as a dream machine.  Some, like the Alienware, you will have a hard time getting your company to pay for, but others are very light and have extended battery power.   Read through the list and pick your favourites, maybe you can convince your boss you need one, but I suppose it’s more likely that all you will do is convince them they need one.
“Now that notebook computers are ubiquitous they have become just another tool in our computing lives. This means that too many of us are stuck using the cheapest one we can find, normally a 6-pound, 15.4″ system. This system, in all likelihood, does not get moved around very often because it is heavy and the battery only lasts for an hour or two. This doesn’t have to be the case though, especially if money is not an issue. With the technologies available today a notebook can be under three pounds, have a battery life of over 10 hours, and pack in an optical drive and a dual core processor if you are willing to pony up the dough to buy it (or convince your boss that you need one).”

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