Mushkin’s XP2-6400 is 800MHz DDR2 with latencies of 4-4-3-10, and sits between 1.9V-2.1V.  Once techPowerUp! verified the RAM was stable, they tested it up to 568 MHz @ 5-5-5-15 by bumping the voltage up to 2.35V.  They were disappointed that they couldn’t get the DIMMS down to 3-2-2-4, but they decided the overclocking capabilities it exhibited makes this RAM a good deal.
“Mushkin is well known for the solid memory kits they make. Today we have the Mushkin XP2-6400 2 GB on our test bench. These modules are specced to run at DDR2-800 at CL4. With a price of $150 for 2 GB this kit is sure not the cheapest, but it comes with Micron D9 memory chips. In our testing we saw very nice voltage scaling up to DDR2-1136 at CL5.”

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