AMD has invested a sizable chunk in Transmeta, who once manufactured semiconductors like the Crusoe and now focuses more on intellectual property and design.  They helped AMD with the HyperTransport Bus as well as their move to 64 bit architecture.  The Inquirer has more on this interesting development for AMD.
“TRANSMETA JUST ANNOUNCED that AMD has invested $7.5 million in the company in exchange for TMTA stock.

We have checked the stock price of Transmeta, which stood at $0.70 at time of writing. With AMD’s investment being $7.5 million and the fact that the value of transaction yielded in AMD taking five and one quarter million stocks, it does not take a wizard to calculate what is actually happening.

AMD is still a way off from owning Transmeta, a company that has a market cap of $139 million, but this is a very significant investment”

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