A lot of news about AMDs plans for the near future were revealed by their executives at the Technology Analysts Day.  Catch [H]ard|OCP’s coverage of their plans for multipurpose processors, new core structures, including a  mysterious Bulldozer core that is touted to be able to share the work of a single thread amongst it’s cores … something no AMD or Intel Dual or Quad core can currently manage.

There were also a number of roadmaps revealed, including 4 way Crossfire, as well as 3 way, which they do have working.  They also cover desktop and notebook roadmaps, as well as introducing a new Pipe core.

Ryan was there as well
, so do not miss his coverage of this huge event for AMD.

Last, but not least; make sure to give Ryan and Wise a pat on the back … it’s System Administrator Day!
“AMD CTOs chime in this morning on what exactly is AMD’s plan for the future. In that we see AMD’s next generation desktop and server parts revealed – the BULLDOZER. Along with that, M-SPACE, BOBCAT, and FALCON FUSION Family.”

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