Hot on the heels of eVGA, XFX has released a pair of motherboards, the 680i LT and the 650i Ultra.  Both are C2D boards, and are capable of supporting a 1333MHz FSB, and have all the onboard goodies you would expect, although only the 680i supports SLI.  The full review at Legit Reviews will give you the info you need to decide if XFX made the right move jumping into the mainboard business.
“XFX will be a welcome addition to the motherboard market. If they continue the tradition of great service and support that they have with their video cards to their motherboard line, there will be no doubt that they will succeed in this dog-eat-dog market. The XFX 650i Ultra and XFX 680i LT motherboards would be a great way to upgrade your box to the latest and greatest, and a great way to do it with a well known name…”

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