The Tech Lounge have spent enough time with their iPhone to give it a full review, 14 pages worth.  If you haven’t picked one up because you aren’t sure it can do what you want, then read on.  Ther’s lots to cover from the bad, like the battery and EDGE problems, to the great UI.
“Looking back now, things seemed so different in my coverage of the iPhone announcement… I talked the most about the phones features, rather than the user experience. And that’s what the iPhone has come to symbolize. It doesn’t have 3G speeds, GPS, Adobe Flash or stereo Bluetooth capabilities, but judging from the long lines and sold out stores this past weekend it doesn’t seem to matter that much. What does seem to matter is making the experience easier and more convenient, and having it all in one device. The content of the ads (unlike most other phone ads which tell you what their products can do) showed you what the product does along with how it gets done. People could see how easy getting around the phone was, and that’s what they wanted. After all, what good is a phone if the features are too difficult for most people to utilize? But would a huge bug with the data and phone service be enough to sour my experience?”

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