The BEAR from Vecna Robotics is a 6 foot tall tracked robot that is designed to retrieve casualties from areas too dangerous for medics to enter.  It is currently powered by a VIA EPIA M10000G with a C3 processor, and there are plans to make this robot semi-autonomous.  Currently it is remotely piloted by a human, as we are still much better at decision making, but it may well be that the first Terminator ends up being a combat medic.  Read more about it at the repository of all things VIA, VIA Arena.
“During a fierce gun battle, an American soldier gets shot. His commanding officer wants to rescue him as. Just like in the movies, he has no intentions of leaving anyone behind, but is nervous about putting more of his troops at risk. Looking at the situation rationally, he knows that he will just end up with more casualties—and perhaps even deaths—on his hands. And the whole time he is thinking this through, the whole time he is trying to work out some sort of solution that will allow his squad to safely extract their wounded comrade, there’s a man out there who is bleeding to death …Enter the BEAR. No, not the animal that has fur and pilfers picnic baskets from unsuspecting families, but the Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot, the latest creation from Vecna Robotics. When it is eventually released, the BEAR will be suited to exactly this kind of operation, as well as other tasks considered too dangerous or difficult for humans.”

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