It’s getting harder to keep track of everything that can go wrong with a PC, especially considering just how many extra features are on the motherboard.  Sometimes we can spend so much time focussed on the arcane problems that can appear, we can all manage to forget some of the simpler ones, or that a simple solution can solve some of the more bizarre problems.

Resurrecting, or updating old equipment is a great idea when you are into media creation/management, or a member of one of our Distributed Computing teams, so use the tips in these threads to bring new life to any s939 based systems you have kicking around.

Catch a big argument in the processor forum, a member wants a system based on either a C2D or an A64, but can’t decide which one to go with.  You can also add to this thread, which is trying to compile a list of programs that actually use more than one core, and give you a good reason to pick up a dual or quad core CPU.  If you are just looking for the speed, there is a mod to crank a E4300s’ FSB up to 1333

Before you disappear, Ryan did a solo Podcast this week, and there is a bunch of good info in it, don’t miss it!