Now that summer is here, some of our members may opt to trade their nice CRT/LCD generated pallor for a beach suntan.  Please remember that while you may like a nice refreshing dip, your laptop doesn’t.  They do benefit from better virus protection than their users, and even have a choice of which one to use.

Owners of the Gigabyte 965P-DS3 might want to read through this thread, just in case you run into the same problems covered in the thread.  You can also let people know what you think of the recently announced AMD CPU price drops over in our Processor forum, or let people know about the best CPU overclock you have ever managed, or seen.  Over in the audio forum, it has been proven that the old Turtle Beach Santa Cruz works great under Vista.

PC Perspective is also looking to recruit more members for our Distributed Computing teams.  You get a chance to contribute your spare CPU (or PlayStation 3!) cycles to the various projects, ranging from Folding@Home, that may help to find a cure for cancer to Einstein@Home, that looks for pulsars.  These types of computations usually require huge mainframes to be able to process the data, but DC allows a sort of virtual mainframe, by distributing small amounts of the data to many different computers, who then process the data with any unused cycles on your computer.  It stops when you are gaming, and then starts up again once there are spare cycles for it to use.

Even better, there is friendly competition between our members, as well as our various teams against other teams all over the planet.  We are doing quite well, our SETI team holds 27th place, and our Folding team is currently 15th.  A member of our DC teams, Big red, has also issued a challenge.  There are numerous other DC programs that we can soar to the top of the rankings, please check out the thread and vote on which ones you would like to see us participate in.