Before the iPhone’s first week on sale is over, it has already been molested in several ways.  2 accounts have been found, and now a way has been discovered to activate your iPhone without using AT&T.  You won’t be making any cell calls though, that part still requires the intervention off AT&T.  It comes as no surprise to The Inquirer that the man who hacked the iPhone, the infamous DVD Jon, is still working on that problem.
“Hacker doyen DVD Jon has worked out a way of cracking an unactivated Iphone.

On his bog “So sue me”, Jon says that he has found software that will activate an Iphone so that punters do not have to give any of your money or personal information to AT&T NSA.

The downside of Jon’s hack is that the Iphone cannot actually call anyone, but the music and the WiFi function still work. Clearly Jon sees his activities as a work in progress and we do not think that there will be anyone in Apple quaking in their boots yet.”

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