Samsung’s 226BW is a very cheap 22″ monitor, and a very nice one … if you get the right model.  Luckily, BCCHardware has a guide on how to tell them apart.  The three models are “S”, “A”, and “C” and run the gamut from the “S” who’s panel is made by Samsung and feature the highest quality to the “C”, which has numerous problems including backlight leakage.  The “A” model can be tweaked to be almost as good as the “S”, in a pinch.  Shop carefully!
“So you’ve just bought a shiny new Samsung 226BW that was supposed to be the latest greatest killer LCD on the market. There’s only one problem, it doesn’t look quite the way that it should. You look online to see if there is anything special about adjusting the colors or contrast and you find out some shocking facts. There are actually 3 different LCD panels that are marketed under the 226BW model umbrella.”

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