WASHINGTON, D.C., July 17, 2007 – At a summit hosted by Intel Corporation today, a group of healthcare experts and decision-makers debated solutions to improve care for people with chronic disease and to ease the strain that it and the growing aging population place on individuals and families, the nation and on the healthcare system and providers.

Participants challenged each other to improve the quality and integration of patient care, including the role technology can play in reducing the costs for health institutions and insurance providers.

Craig Barrett, Intel’s Chairman and American Health Information Community board member, called for greater urgency of collaboration in looking at new ways to deal with chronic disease.

“We all have an interest in improving the quality and cost of our healthcare system – as patients, caregivers, employers and as a nation,” Barrett told summit attendees. “We need to look at new and innovative ways to apply technology to help solve health problems and improve health outcomes. We must work to make remote patient monitoring and integrated telehealth solutions part of the healthcare delivery system.”