Shuttle’s brand new HTPC, the SDXi is based around the Intel 975X with a ICH7-R southbridge.  Handling up to 8GB of RAM, and any C2D Extreme, you get a lot of power for your HTPC, a philosophy they complete by offering custom watercooling setup for an X1950 Pro.  HotHardware reviews this flaming hot HTPC barebones kit and it’s paint job, which is the only way you will see it until Shuttle starts making them available.
“We’re just writing to let you all know that we’ve just posted a new article at in which we evaluate the features and performance of Shuttle’s flagship SDXi barebones XPC. The SDXi features a number of unique features like a built-in water-cooler for Radeon GPU-based graphics cards and a slick, flamed-out paint job that you’ve just got to see to believe. Head on over to the site and check it out…”

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