Outrageous mobile performance, radical mobile enjoyment.
Designed for gamers and power-users, the Intel Core 2 Extreme mobile processor is the worlds highest performing mobile processor. For those who want the most intense, high performance mobile computing experience available, Intel Core 2 Extreme mobile processors deliver revolutionary mobile dual-core performance, 4 MB of shared L2 Advanced Smart Cache, and an 800 MHz Front Side Bus (FSB).

The Intel Core 2 Extreme mobile processor delivers the raw processing performance needed to crunch the complex algorithms for Artificial Intelligence (AI), physics and game logic needed in the latest generation of games. Two separate and powerful processing cores deliver multi-threading performance to blaze through complex game algorithms, increasing responsiveness and immersion in the most realistic games while enabling users to do other things in the background at the same time, such as backing up data, downloading files and scanning for viruses.

Your gaming foes don’t stand a chance.
Today’s extreme gamers operate in a fast-moving, high-resolution environment that requires the PC to perform multiple, complex tasks simultaneously without impacting game performance. The latest games combine realistic AI and physics to produce rich virtual worlds and the immersive experience gamers expect.  The Intel Core 2 Extreme mobile processor delivers on this expectation to render dynamic gaming with liquid animation and highly detailed characters, allowing the elite to play at the top of their game. For experienced users who desire more capability, the Intel Core 2 Extreme mobile processor bus ratio locks (overspeed protection) have been removed. This offers added technical flexibility in customizing the system – even beyond the specification limits.

Bring it on and bring it with you.
Take your gaming along everywhere. With a laptop based on the Intel Core 2 Extreme dual-core mobile processor, your next game is right around the corner. The Intel Core 2 Extreme mobile processor is designed for high performance in laptops, and with the mobile power features for notebook-friendly designs, it truly is like having an extreme game room – on the go!