At Legion Hardware, they are testing two 2GHz processors, Intel’s Celeron 440 against AMD’s Sempron 3600+.  While the Sempron line is being phased out in preference for the BE series, you are much more likely to find a Sempron for sale.  Both are priced very low, and the TDP is lower than many of the top of the line chips, giving them a niche of their own.  Check out how they fare against one another.
“On paper the Celeron 440 looks to be the superior processor and although the Sempron 3600+ dominated the memory bandwidth testing, it was the Celeron that claimed the processor performance testing. The Celeron 440 looked sharp in SiSoft XI, producing impressive single-core results while it was significantly faster at making Super PI calculations and offered more bandwidth in PCmark2005. So as expected, the Celeron 440 fared quite well against the Sempron 3600+ thanks to the much larger 512KB L2 cache.”

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