Sunbeamtech’s Quarterback case seems a little larger than your average Quarterback, but it is a great case to build a system with.  It weighs just over 9kg, and has four 120mm fans to go with the large openings in the front of the case.  It is also very inexpensive for a tool-less case, but Big Bruin had some concerns about being able to use the core fan setup and longer graphics cards at the same time.
“For many people a computer is an expression of their personality, and to be happy with their computer they need the outward appearance to match their sense of style. Case manufacturers recognize the broad range of personal preferences in case styles, so they are constantly releasing new styles in order to appeal to the masses. While almost every case is similar in function, their looks and added features are what helps to set them apart.

Sunbeamtech is one of the many manufacturers that regularly releases new cases to keep up with a rapidly changing market. One of their latest models, the Quarterback, is an ATX midtower style case that includes many of the features that computer enthusiasts want, while also including a few unique touches.”

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