CoolTechZone has a look at LogiTech’s new Wii inspired Cordless mouse.  It is unlikely that gamers will adopt it as a replacement, and besides they have the actual Wii to game with.  However, if you are using a projector to show off a presentation or controlling an HTPC, this mouse suddenly makes a lot of sense to use.
“Logitech is at it again with a revolutionary new mouse that appears to have been inspired from Nintendo’s Wii controller. You see, it’s not an average mouse. Similar to the Wii controller where you can move the controller in the air for specified body movements and control your game characters, Logitech’s newly announced MX Air cordless mouse does the same. The only difference is that instead of working in games, it works with a select few multimedia applications to make browsing and working with your multimedia files a breeze.”

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