Techware Labs has found a handy little program called the RoboForm, which is also available in mobile form, as a USB drive.  It keeps all your passwords, as well as being able to generate ones for you.  The ones generated are fairly strong, and the RoboForm remembers them for you as opposed to you having to remember random letters and numbers.  If you are having trouble keeping passwords straight you can get help, but only if you can remember the password for the RoboForm.
“Do you have to many passwords to remember them all? Are you worried about your personal information security if someone were to steal your passwords? Sure, we all are and that’s where password managers come in. Few people use password managers, instead some rely on a paper or computer file which records all of their information. The latter method is much easier compromise than most realize and leads to identity and data theft. RoboForm helps you keep track of critical information and passwords in a secure manner. Read our Review to find out if it works as well as advertised.”

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