If you are like me, old media formats seem to accumulate faster than dust bunnies.  Old audio tapes, 3.5″ disks, even a few 5.25″ disks are hiding in corners and flat surfaces everywhere, some that even have data I want to keep.  By far, the media that consumes the most space is old VHS tapes.  If you want to update those old movies you could buy a new version on DVD, or you can copy them onto new media yourself.  Of course, for others, it is the vinyl that means the most.

Over in the Networking forum, a member has learned that flashing a wireless router to the newest firmware isn’t always the best move.  Another is looking for the best CD/DVD drive to put in their machine over at Tech Talk.  Learn about a program in the ASUS Forum that comes directly from ASUS.  The idea is very handy, it is called PC Probe, and it monitors temperatures and fan speeds on your motherboard … sometimes.

Head to Cases’n’Cooling for a look at a nice rig, called the Celtic Spirit, that a member is hard at work on.  Another member is putting together an HTPC, but is trying to keep the graphics card at about $150, while others are debating the likelihood of a possible release of DX10 for WinXP

Over in the Linux Forum, you can pick up great advice on using a LiveCD to recover data from a dead NTFS system, and the Windows guys are talking about Vista and 4GB of RAM.  Last, and certainly not the least (active) is the Trading Post, as I am writing I can see a full C2D system for $750.