Six 12V rails, two of which are 28A, the other four are 18A, at a combined maximum power of 960W, coupled with two 6 pin PCI-E and two 8 pin PCI-E connectors make the Coolermaster M1000W PSU perfect for multiple GPU systems.  The most shocking surprise for R&B Mods was how quiet this PSU was, something they did not expect to go hand in hand with such a powerful PSU.
“The 1000W powersupplies are on the market, do we really need this much power? Do they perform so much better than lower wattage Psu´s do? These are a few questions we are going to look into today. We got Coolermasters latest M1000 powersupply to test and we are today going to compare it vs a few very well performing Psu´s with a lower wattage than this one to see if there is any difference. This unit comes equipped with six 12V rails and several 6 pin and 8 pin PCI-E power cables so it sure looks like a winner on paper with its ultra silent performance.”

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