Virtual-Hideout reviews the perfect device for anyone with old 2.5″ HDDs lying around, ICY DOCK’s MB448UR Removable HDD Rack.  Designed to take 2.5″ drives, and slide into the external 5.25″ bays on your PC, or even into the internal 3.5″ ones.  Either way, it makes those old drives useful again, and with USB connectivity they are useful in most places.
“Data storage is the most vital part of a computer system… so what do we do with the extra hard drives after we upgrade to a larger size? What we do is make those smaller, unused drives into portable drives. In today’s review we will be going over the ICY DOCK Internal Removable HDD Rack. This rack is designed to be installed in a 3.5″ bay and use 2.5″ notebook hard drives. The removable part comes into play with a simple push on the hard drive enclosure, and the unit unlocks and can be removed. This allows the user to take the enclosure and the supplied USB for use on a separate computer.”

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