CoolTechZone finds themselves much more impressed with Microsoft’s Surface after watching an episode of DL.TV.  The "coffee table" PC has an interface that has been very popular in movies for a while now, but hard to find in reality.  The first time you run into Surface it will likely be in a retail store, possibly T-Mobile, and used as a selling aid.  When you place a phone on the surface would let you see features or prices, and the uses for Surface won’t stop there, though who knows when we will be able to buy one for home.

They should worry less about having to switch back to Microsoft to be able to play with this technology, as Slashdot has found a group working on the same sort of interface for Linux.

"In a previous article, I had mixed feelings about the new Microsoft Surface project, as it was really difficult to understand where the market for such a thing would be. Then I watched some new footage on DL.TV and I will admit, even as a Linux guy, that I was blown away."

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