At 8lbs, and enough high powered components to drain the battery in no time the Alienwaire Aurora m9700 notebook isn’t terribly portable.  As a desktop replacement however, this notebook has more than enough power for any gamer in it’s most expensive configuration.  The Tech Lounge couldn’t resist picking one up to review, and you just know they didn’t get the basic model.
“When I think laptop, I think portable computing. I want to be able to check some mail, sync some music, and basically, go a long time out of the house without worrying about where I’m going to find a free outlet. I’m also the sort who uses a laptop for work, not games, and would rather spend my gaming budget on a capable desktop. But I understand wanting a laptop that can game, I’ve done the LAN party deal for posterity. I also understand the appeal of the desktop replacement: a quiet computer that takes up almost no space is something most everyone agrees with.”

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