Vista has added an interesting feature to the installation progress, similar to loading a RAID driver but with much more flexibility.  You will be able to choose more than just one driver to load, and you are not stuck using floppies to keep the files on.  Read through the warning that ExtremeMHz provides at the end of the article to save yourself some frustration.
“Windows Vista brings one very welcomed change in the install process of this highly troublesome OS. With Vista, you have the option of pre-loading third-party drivers from a removable storage device such as a CD or even your trusty flash drive. Yes, this is a somewhat decent attempt at finally making the floppy drive a thing of the past. However, this feature is not without its share of flaws. After quite a number of Vista installs, some of which involved loading more than one RAID driver, I have come across a number of very annoying issues that most would want to be aware of. In this latest EMHz Tech Tip, we briefly cover some of the issues many may face when they finally give in and attempt to switch from Windows XP.”

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