Mikhailtech has spotted one of the most useful forms I have seen a USB drive take.  Not a humping dog or Star Wars character, although those certainly have their place, but instead it is a neck strap.  If you’ve worked in an environment with ID tags, key card access, or even just needed multiple keys to access your areas, you have probably seen these neck straps with the detachable end that holds all the keys & cards for easy access.  What if someone stuck a 2GB thumb drive in that snap?
“Unlike other USB drives we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, this model is completely different in that it’s a neck strap/keychain first and USB drive second. In fact, it’s so well concealed (James Bond style) that if you showed it to a person on the street, they’d think nothing of it. The actual drive resides in the black clipping mechanism. At the very end of the strap is a hook and mini-strap for your keys and whatever else.”

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