Media seems to be a topic on everyones minds lately, this week it is Betamax versus VHS round 2, aka HD DVD versus Blu-Ray.  Do you have a preference?  Let us know what it is and why you feel that way.  If arguments aren’t your thing, you can find a statement that can’t be argued with in this thread, and maybe you can share a shocking story or two yourself. 

Over in the Processor forum, you can read rather well thought out reasons on why the current generation of Quad cores might not be the best investment, as well as what you should so with the money instead, not that there isn’t temptation to go ahead and buy one anyways.  Keeping those processors cool is a job all on it’s own, which leads to the question, should you set your side fan on suck, or blow

In the storage forum, one of our members spotted a nice Seagate drive that has been released with little notice, with a very nice sustained transfer rate.  Then head to the Trading Forum to see if you can find any other great deals.

That just scratches the surface of what has been going on in the forums, so make sure to visit, and more importantly … post.  The more threads there are, the more fun and information you can get.