Ars Technica has designed a pair of gaming boxes to satisfy gamers everywhere.  One is a bit price conscious, weighing in at ~$1200, and the go all out for the ~$3000 performance box.  It is worth the time to look if you are thinking about picking up a PC, or just figuring how long you will have to live on Mr. Noodles to buy one.

You can always contrast their choices with our own PC Perspective Hardware Leaderboard, to see which setups you prefer.
“This month we once again leave our regular System Guide behind in favor of the Gaming Box System Guide. As you can guess by the name, gaming is the focus of this guide.

The Value Gaming Box falls somewhere between the Budget Box and Hot Rod, as an example of how a little more money goes a long way in graphics and gaming performance. Think of aiming for the 3D performance of the Hot Rod, but without the price. The hard drive may not be as big, the case might not be as nice, and the system may not provoke as much geek envy among friends, but the performance is close enough.

The Performance Gaming Box comes in at around double the cost of the Hot Rod and is what the same enthusiast might build if he had the budget for a gaming machine that had one sole purpose in life: playing the most demanding games on hardware with all the bells and whistles turned on. The Performance Gaming Box may share core components with the Value Gaming Box and other systems from the Ars System Guide, but it is taken to a higher level of performance.

For the serious gamer who is looking at high-resolution play with the latest titles, the Performance Gaming Box may be perfect. For those who demand Hot Rod performance but without the budget to live on the bleeding edge, the Value Gaming Box is the place to start.”

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