Gigabyte is really getting into the case and cooling business, this time combining watercooling and stylish case design in the 3D Mercury.  Not only does this case have five 120mm fans, it has watercooling built right in.  Contained in the case is a pump, radiator and reservoir set, as well as a CPU waterblock, and an optional pair for GPUs.  Guru3D has some great shots of this sharp looking case in their review.

As well, Lee managed to get his hands on the new Thermalright SI-128 SE, and you have a chance to read his exclusive coverage.
“When a team is creative and the will is there to actually produce something which meets the variables for the mainstream market then you can have a small success on your hands, for today’s product I believe that’s the case. We’ll be reviewing their pre-installed PC Chassis with built in water-cooling. With a design that is aesthetically pleasing, innovative functions and some really great ideas over the next pages you’ll be strolling through the product that is called the 3D Mercury. A pre-modified aluminium casing with built-in and pre-installed water-cooling unit.”

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