Hot Hardware made it to the AMD Consumer Electronics Event in NYC.  One of the best parts of their experience was getting to see a Phenom in action … but they weren’t allowed to test it.  The peek they did get told us that it was running on a Socket AM2+ reference RD790 chipset motherboard.  That motherboard  will support higher HT link speeds and split power planes and true, dual PCI Express x16 graphics slots.  There is also a few new products on the mobility and HTPC fronts for you to check out.
“AMD hosted a small gathering in the Penthouse at the SoHo Grand Hotel in New York City yesterday, to showcase some of their existing products and technologies, to show off a few products built by their partners, and to demo some products due to be released in the coming months. We attended the event and snapped some photos of the various demo stations and thought we’d share them with you all. We suspect the shots and info regarding the quad-core Phenom-powered system running John Woo’s ‘Stranglehold’ will be of interest, as will the slick notebooks, HTPCs, and hand-held devices…”

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