OvisLink’s AirLive WiFi NAS handles SATA and PATA drives, and lets you use them over it’s 802.11g WiFi connection.  It comes bundled with software that can turn it into a perfect BitTorrent server or an FTP downloader, as well as functioning as a normal NAS.  Unfortunately it cannot function as a FTP server.  techPowerUp! decided that this is a great value for Bit Torrent users, as well as anyone wanting a wireless storage solution. 
“The OvisLink powered AirLive WiFi enclosure may look just like a normal NAS storage device, but it has a lot more to offer than that. The well constructed and easy to use web interface can convert the enclosure to an iTunes server, can handle your FTP, HTTP and even BitTorrent downloads – straight to the internal IDE or SATA hard drive.”

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