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Zalman ZM-MFC2 Multi Fan Controller and Power Meter Review - Cases and Cooling 30


For this review I installed the ZM-MFC2 into Zalman’s latest high-end gaming enclosure, the Z-Machine GT1000.  It fit perfectly and looks fantastic.  The Zalman ZM-MFC2 comes with a detailed, 8-page printed User’s Manual that clearly outlines the installation process. 


Zalman ZM-MFC2 Multi Fan Controller and Power Meter Review - Cases and Cooling 31


(Courtesy Zalman USA)


Note: You may find it easier to connect all the cables to ZM-MFC2 rear connectors before installing it into your enclosure as I did.


  1. Turn off the computer and unplug the PC’s power cord
  2. Install the ZM-MFC2 into a spare 5.25” drive bay
  3. Connect a spare 4-pin Molex drive connector for power
  4. Connect the four fan extension cables
  5. Connect the temperature probes
  6. Mount the CVS bracket in a spare PCI slot
  7. Connect the CVS signal cable
  8. Plug the CVS module signal cable into the CVS bracket connector
  9. Plug the CVS module AC power cord into the PC’s power supply
  10. Plug the AC power cord into the CVS module

Once the basic hardware is installed you can connect up all your various case fans to the fan extension cables and install the temperature probes where you want them.


Setting up the ZM-MFC2 is very easy.  The temperature displays and real time power monitoring display are ready to go as soon as power is applied to the system.  The fan speed for each of the four channels must be set manually.  This is accomplished by pressing the Mode button to select a particular fan channel and then dialing in the desired fan speed.  The fan speed is set in 60 rpm increments (1200 > 1260 > 1320 > etc).


Note 1: If a connected fan is rated for 2,400 rpm at 12 VDC it can not be made to run faster than that.  Setting the rpm to 4,000 rpm will have no effect; the fan will still run at 2,400.


Note 2: Standard voltage controlled fans (3-pin connectors) can be slowed down to well below 1,000 rpm.  You must be careful that you don’t set an rpm that is below the fans capability to run.  For example: when I set the fan speed to 600 rpm, the connected Panaflo H1BX fan I was using slowed down to the point where it stopped turning.  Different fans have different minimum speeds so be careful not to exceed the minimum limits of the fans you are using.


Zalman ZM-MFC2 Multi Fan Controller and Power Meter Review - Cases and Cooling 32


Here is another pic of the ZM-MFC2 mounted in the Zalman Z-Machine case during testing.


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