Back when we were young, it was a huge battle to get a PC in the house, and there was essentially no chance at getting a hand me down.  Times have changed, and the kids of PC enthusiasts are guaranteed to get their own PC after a few upgrades to their parents main rigs.  If you’ve got kids, how old were they when you built them their first rigs?  Over in the security forum, you can read up on the problems with securing WiFi, and just what kind of attacks exist. In the ASUS forum, a member has figured out a great combo for keeping a system cool and quiet, without sacrificing any performance.

The processor forum is gathering data on the voltage used by the Q6600, if you have one you should let them know what yours is.  You can also read about an pin mod for E4300’s that covers both switching to 1333MHz and increasing voltage

The hottest thread on the forum comes from Sick Willie, who is an expert at getting recalcitrant Windows Updates to run after a repair install.  His little program to fix it should definitely go into everyone’s little bag of tools.

If you want to try something new that doesn’t involve reading, PC Perspective’s ninth podcast is up … be sure to listen to it!