AMD snuck out another new processor today, though getting your hands on one might take an act of divine intervention — they didn’t seed samples to any media that I am aware of so maybe the “black edition” refers to its stealth like qualities?

In any event, the CPU is a 200 MHz bumb over the previous fastest Athlon X2 processor, still at 90nm process technology, and that’s about it.  Pricing has it about $240 (just about the $250 I said they would be limited to in my podcast last week).
AMD Launches Athlon X2 6400+ Black Edition - Processors 2
AMD ATHLON™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 6400+ SPECIFICATIONS:
Frequency:                                                     3.2GHz
Manufactured:                                               Fab 30 and 36 / Dresden, Germany
Process Technology:                                      90-nanometer DSL SOI (silicon-on-insulator) technology
Packaging:                                                      Socket AM2 (940-pin organic micro PGA)
HyperTransport technology:                         Supports single HT link – up to 8.0 GB/sec per link bandwidth (full duplex)
Memory Controller:                                        Shared integrated 128-bit wide memory controller (up to 12.8GB/sec bandwidth)
CPU to Memory Controller:                           3.2GHz
Supported Memory Speeds:                         DDR2 memory up to and including PC2 6400 (DDR2-800) unbuffered
HyperTransport Links:                                  1
HyperTransport Spec:                                   2.0GHz (2x 1000MHz / DDR)
Total Processor bandwidth:                          Up to 20.8 GB/sec [8.0GB/sec HyperTransport + 12.8GB/sec dual-channel memory]
L1 Cache Sizes:                                             64K – L1 instruction + 64K – L1 data cache per-core (256KB total L1)
L2 Cache Sizes:                                             1MB L2 data cache per-core (2MB total dedicated L2 cache)
Approximate Transistor count:                  243 million
Approximate Die Size:                                219mm2
Nominal Voltage:                                         1.35-1.40V
Max Thermal Power:                                   125 W
Max Ambient Case Temp:                            55o Celsius to 63o Celsius
Max Icc (processor current):                     90.4 A
Min P-State (with C’n’Q):                            1.0 GHz
o    Nominal Voltage @ min P-state:           1.1V
o    Max Thermal Power @ min P-state:     36.4 W
o    Max Current @ min P-state:                 28.2 A