Users of AVG anti-virus were in for a nasty shock this morning; if they were planning on calling in sick today and tomorrow to start the Labour Day weekend early.  Something, probably a patch from 2K, AVG or SecuROM, has changed.  AVG now prevents BioShock from launching because it is tagged as a virus. 

Do not attempt to heal the file, back up your save games and follow the instructions provided at Boot Daily to get yourself back up and running.
“A multitude of users are reporting that they are unable to play Bioshock on their PC today due to what is likely a patch by either 2k or AVG or perhaps a combination of the two.

When users try to launch the Bioshock Main Executable to play, if AVG Antivirus is installed, it hits on Bioshock as a virus and will not allow it to launch. Even if users tell AVG to ignore the file, it will not launch. Healing or quarantining the file leads to equally messy results. Healing the game’s .exe file renders it unplayable, though the virus warnings will stop.”

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