If you don’t need 1000W, and most PCs do not, then it’s better to go with a high quality PSU that meets your needs, as opposed to just getting the cheapest, most powerful PSU you can find.  To address the needs of those systems Corsair sells their VX450W PSU, and [H]ard|OCP has reviewed it.  Much like in Lee’s review they found it to be a very reliable and quiet PSU.

Also, to protect your new PSU and to make sure that your PC stays running through power outages and spikes, you should consider a surge protector/UPS, and Lee has just reviewed a good one, the Ultra 850VA Power Protection Unit and UPS.

“Corsair has made a name for themselves when it comes to mid-powered computer PSUs, and now they aim to bring that quality to a fully different market and price range. Is their new 450 watt unit able to reach the watermark set by their previous products?”

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