[H]ard|OCP continues the quest to find something useful about DX10, this time examining the performance and image quality of Call of Juarez.  There is good news for AMD, the the 2900XT can keep up with the 8800 GTS for the first time in a series of benchmarks.  There is also good news on the quality side, there are very striking differences between DX10 and DX9, for the first time you don’t even have to give the game the benefit of the doubt, you can see the differences easily.  It makes the small hit to your FPS worth it.
“Call of Juarez enjoys a very large and noticeable visual difference in DirectX 10 versus DirectX 9. This is the first game to make us say “Wow!” at the visual quality improvements using DX10. We will explore GPU performance scaling and image quality comparisons using the 8800 Ultra, GTS, & 2900 XT.”

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