Kingston’s new Low Latency DDR3 DIMMs run at 1375MHz @ 5-7-5-15 and 2T, the lowest stock latency on DDR3 modules yet.  Legit Reviews spent quite a bit of time overclocking it to various degrees, one of the most impressive being 1411MHz @ 5-7-4-14 and 1T.  DDR3 is evolving rapidly, but it’s pricing still remains in the neighborhood of the now defunct RD-RAM.
“The Kingston ultra low-latency PC3 1375MHz DDR3 HyperX memory modules have shown that lower CAS latencies deliver better performance in our benchmark testing. While other memory companies have been aiming to reach higher clock frequencies, Kingston has been busy working on screening Elpida memory ICs to offer tighter timings and it seems to have paid off as they are the only ones with CL5 memory at PC3-10666 or PC3-11000 speeds….”

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