Hybrid microphone and headphone setups tend to suffer from an annoying flaw, the placement of the microphone.  If you swing it down out of the way then nobody can hear you, and if you bring it up close to your mouth it gets in the way of your beverage of choice.  Put it up too high and everyone will call you a nose breather.  OCC reviews the LTB Magnum 5.1 AC97 Headphones, which have a microphone embedded in the left ear cup.  Head over to see if this will solve your drinking problems for good.
“I’m sick of breaking a tooth whenever I try to have a drink of whatever I choose while I’m using headphones. Let’s face it, whether you’re gaming, using VOIP, listening to music or watching a DVD, headphones are an essential part of owning a computer. I find myself using them almost half of the time I’m at the computer, and the most annoying part is that microphone sticking out in front of me and causing some kind of trauma to my face at least 10 or 20 times a day.”

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