It is an indisputable fact that the majority of members at PC Perspective, as well as most other hardware sites on the web are predominately male.  There are some women on the boards, but nowhere near the same numbers.  Don’t take that to mean that women aren’t interested in gaming or PCs, simply that they don’t spend the time talking about upgrading hardware or gadgets as men do.  TECHGAGE is hoping to inspire some women to take part (or to admit they already do), and avoid all those wonderful sales people in the electronics department.

After reading through the article, if you feel like jumping ahead of the game; check out the newly updated PCPer Hardware Leaderboard, featuring a quad-core system in the Dream System.
“The computer world has known for a long time that girls are to be taken seriously. Games can be ridiculously fun and appeal to everyone. And it’s not just about The Sims and Bejeweled; girls want to grab a lightsaber or don platemail and save the world from Oblivion just as much as boys do, so what’s stopping us from building our own computers?”

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