My weekend may coming early, but that’s no excuse for everyone to miss out on the happenings in the PC Perspective Forums.  It’s not all gaming, there is still plenty of other topics to see, such as the problems you can run into with removing beta software, or any type of software that doesn’t want to come off your PC.   Head to the Cases’n’Cooling forum to learn more about heatsink testing methods and thermodynamics than you though possible, or catch a review of 105 PSUs (if you are OK with French).

Pick up some tips on remotely logging into Windows boxes from a Linux system, or make fun of SCO in the Linux forum.  In the Windows forum there is a thread to help you encrypt important files, if you have the Home Edition of XP.  If that isn’t what you are looking for head to TLR or the Trading Post, depending on your preference, or let Ryan and I know what you though of the latest PC Perspective Podcast.