Novel has no plans to sue anyone over UNIX.  With that announcement and the court ruling, it looks like UNIX is essentially a FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) operating system.  SCO, the distributor that wanted to make sure UNIX remained their property exclusively has been told, in no uncertain terms, that they don’t own UNIX and therefore cannot expect to hold copyright on it.  Ars Technica has put together a three page article on the court case and what this may mean in the future.
“In the aftermath of federal district judge Dale A. Kimball’s recent ruling, which determined that Novell, not SCO, is the rightful owner of the UNIX copyrights, the once-mighty proprietary UNIX vendor is on the verge of annihilation. As SCO’s grasp on survival weakens and the company braces itself for descent into financial oblivion, much can be learned by reflecting on the circumstances of the case. A close reading of the ruling provides fascinating insight into the details of SCO’s battle and sheds light on the peculiar events through which SCO has branded itself with the bitter taint of infamy.”

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