According to the Inq, it looks like Intel may already be ending the Viiv branding — not a bad move considering it’s pace of adoption.

And so, if a story on Digitimes turns out to be correct, the world+dog will breathe a sigh of relief as Intel has decided to rationalise its very confusing range of Core, Dual Core, Core 2 Dual, 2 Dual Cores, Solo Single Core, Quad Core Duo, Duo Quad Core Single Solo Cores Dual, etc. etc.

The same report suggested that the Viiv name will be merged to Core 2. Intel will hang on to Core 2, to Celeron and Xeon. Even Itanium 2 will again simply become the Itanium.

If it’s all true, we can begin to get a handle on the products Intel is actually producing. Naturally there will be a change to the logos on Intel products. The graphics designers will be rubbing their hands with glee.