If you are going to spend the money to get an Alienware laptop, what is the point in going with the basic model?  AnandTech asked themselves that when they decided to review the Area-51 m9750, and then busied themselves adding the extras that make Alienware the envy of laptop gamers everywhere.  Read on to see what they ended up adding to the machine, and how much it set them back to get blazing hot graphics on a laptop.
“A few months ago, Alienware asked us if we would like to take a look at their new top-end laptop, the Area-51 m9750. We were naturally interested to see what they might be able to offer, and we spent the past several weeks putting the laptop through its paces. Make no mistake: this laptop is blazing fast! It’s also pretty large, and portability rather than mobility seems to be the focus. The base level m9750 starts out at around $2100, but purchasing an entry level Alienware m9750 would be a lot like picking up a sports car but only getting a four-cylinder engine, four speed automatic transmission, and basic Goodyear tires. Since we’re enthusiasts at heart, we wanted a little bit extra and Alienware obliged.”

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